iPhone Repair in 30 minutes

Repair you iPhone within 30 Minutes

Now you can get your iPhone repaired without spending hundreds of dollars at the Apple store or your service provider.

iPhone Repairs

Screen Repair and Replacement

Screen Repair

Your device screen is damaged? Get an estimate for a quick and reliable Repair. Our technicians have years of experience fixing damaged screens. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.

Battery Replacement on Electronic Device

Battery Replacement

Battery life is important. You could have it changed in no time by our experts. Get a new battery with maximum capacity and stay fully connected. Our batteries come charged with one year warranty.

Charging Port Repair

Charging Issue

Without a functioning charging port, your device will not power on. Contact us and you will get a quick and reliable fix. Get your device back and running again. Our experts are available to help.

Client needs Estimate for Repair

Free Estimate

Not sure what to do? Get a free estimate from our experts. Contact us now! We will help you decide what is best for you. You will either get an exact estimate or a price bracket for the repair cost.

Google Reviews

“work phone had damaged screen did a great job in under 30 minutes! highly recommended.”


“I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for professional job. They did it in a speedy manner.”

- ALI K.

“Went in for a HDD replacement and recovery of the files. They did an amazing job at it!”


Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll respond ASAP.

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